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CYMA Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are firearms that shoot soft plastic pellets instead of bullets. These guns are commonly used in the game of airsoft, where you tag players on the opposite team by hitting them with these pellets. CYMA weapons can be used in a variety of settings, from shooting targets in the backyard to organized competitions and role-playing simulations.

How are CYMA's airsoft guns powered?

  • Spring: Some CYMA guns are powered by a spring mechanism, which requires you to pump or cock the airsoft weapon before each shot. These airsoft guns hold a large number of pellets between reloads, which can be beneficial in close-quarter games.
  • Automatic Electric Guns: CYMA produces a number of these electric airsoft guns, which are commonly referred to as AEGs. These airsoft weapons allow you to fire a full clip without needing to reset or reload your CYMA product. These CYMA guns can also be fired as semi-automatic weapons to save power and ammunition. They run on batteries that generally need to be recharged after five to eight hours of use.

How is the power of airsoft guns measured?

Airsoft weapons measure the projectile's FPS, which stands for feet per second. This indicates the speed at which airsoft pellets leave the barrel of the gun. CYMA products can range from just 100 feet per second to more than 500 feet per second. Oftentimes, a faster speed rating will result in the airsoft pellet traveling further, but increased speed can also cause decreased accuracy, so be sure that you purchase a high-quality model if you require a faster pellet speed.

What styles of airsoft gun can you find?

  • Close Quarters: These airsoft weapons are designed for close-proximity fighting, and these CYMA products often have a short barrel to facilitate maneuverability. Electric gun models include the M4, G36, AK47, or shotguns.
  • Sniper: CYMA designs a number of heavier airsoft guns that are well suited for sniping. These airsoft guns often have spring-loaded mechanisms and longer barrels for improved accuracy. Sniper-style airsoft models include the Dragunov, M14, and SN700.
  • Gunner: The gunner or support position requires you to provide cover fire for your teammates while they advance position in the field. This style of play can be done with airsoft guns that have an automatic capability and a large magazine capacity. CYMA produces airsoft weapons that fill this need. Some of CYMA's support weapons are the Bizon PP-19 and the M240.
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