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Cygolite Bicycle Lights and Reflectors

Cygolite Bicycle Lights and Reflectors

Cygolite was founded by a group of engineers in 1991 along the foothills of Irvine, California. The companys first product was an LED blinking taillight made specifically for bicycles. Cygolite produces USB headlights, taillights, and combo light sets as well as spare parts for their lighting systems.

What kind of bike taillights does Cygolite offer?

Cygolite offers several rear bicycle lights and reflectors with a range of features. These include a USB rechargeable battery and ultra-bright lumen flashes that are capable of standing out in both day and nighttime conditions. They are also adjustable and offer multiple flash speeds. The rechargeable batteries are capable of running for up to 210 hours on a single charge.

What kind of headlights does Cygolite offer?

Cygolite headlights range from ultra-bright with over 1,100 lumens to smaller units offering 110 lumens. Headlights feature a USB rechargeable battery and can be seen in both daylight and darkness. Many also feature a DayLightning mode for extra motorist awareness in bright conditions. All models can be quickly mounted and removed for ease of charging. Based on usage mode, the USB rechargeable battery is capable of functioning for several hours on just a single charge. Some models have two or three bulbs, such as the MityCross 800 OSP and TridenX 1300 Xtra OSP.

Do you need both a handlebar lamp and a taillight?

It is highly recommended to have a lamp mounted on the front and the back of your bike. This increases the ability of motorist to see you even if you do not ride in darkness. Cygolite offers combo sets that contain both a handlebar and rear light, ranging from their ultra-bright Premier collection to smaller models with less light intensity.

How long does it take the unit to charge?

For the larger and more feature-rich models, USB charging time may take up to eight hours. For smaller models, charging may complete in as little as three hours. Keep in mind that this estimate is based on a completely drained battery, so charging time will vary based on usage.

What are lumens?

Lumens are measurement units that quantify the brightness of a light. Headlamps and bike lights are measured in lumens instead of watts. A rule of thumb is 100 watts is equal to 1,600 lumens. Bicycle lights come in a variety of brightness levels which will vary based on whether the lighting is for the front or back of the bike.

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