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What You Need to Know About Costa Rica Stamps

Costa Rica stamps portray a wide range of people, locations, animals, and events that represent the country and what it stands for. The quantities of stamps range from single stamps to blocks and sheets of postage. Some Costa Rica stamps can also come in sets with artwork printed around the border.

What is the difference between Reales and Colon stamps?
  • Real/Reales stamps: These historic stamps were issued between 1863-1882 and were produced by the American Bank Note Company. They were available in four different values. These values include blue for the Medio Real, red for the Dos Reales, green for the Cuatro Reales, and orange for the Un Peso.
  • Colon stamps: These were introduced after the currency change in 1896. These stamps were put into use in 1901 and released ten stamps in the series.
What types of Costa Rica stamps are available?
  • Souvenir sheet: This type consists of a group of postage stamps and are still attached to the sheet. In some cases, this will be the same stamp for older stamps. Newer Costa Rica stamp sheets generally honor a special event, program, or are special issues. Sheets can range from a single stamp up to 25, depending on the sheet.
  • Block: These stamps will come in groups of four or more and are a part of a stamp sheet. Blocks will sometimes have the edges of the sheet still attached.
  • Individual: A very common type, these Costa Rica stamps can have a postmark on a portion of the stamp if they have been used or can be in mint condition.
  • Proof: A proof will be a printed image of a postage stamp created by using the original metal die. Instead of being printed in sheets, it will be printed on a type of cardstock and will sometimes indicate the die number that it was pulled from.
  • First Day Cover: A Costa Rica First Day Cover will consist of one or more stamps affixed to an envelope. These envelopes will generally have the artwork of the stamp printed on the face along with a postmark signifying the date of first issue.
How do you select Costa Rica stamps?
  • Choose a year: Costa Rica issues new stamps every year. Stamps from Costa Rica go back as far as 1863.
  • Choose a format: This can range from the sheets, blocks, individual, and other formats depending on the type you want to collect.
  • Choose a design: Some examples include animals, locations around the country, or people. Sometimes Costa Rica will issue a collection of related designs.