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Cordless Home Telephones and Handsets

Cordless phones offer great sound performance, enhanced security, and at-home convenience. Homeowners searching for a new cordless phones or handsets can choose from a myriad of options.

What types of cordless phones and handsets are available?

Many home phones use DECT, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication, technology. The DECT frequency band ensures high-quality audio. This is because it minimizes interference with wireless routers and optimizes range. While all home phones run on DECT, they do come in several styles, including:

  • Standard Cordless Phones: These easy-to-use phones generally consist of a cord-free base, a handset, and simplistic options. Many people enjoy the stripped-down, intuitive technology of these cordless phones. They often come with options like variable device volume and date and time functions.
  • Cordless Phones with Answering Systems: These phone systems tend to be slightly larger than phones without answering systems. The convenience of an answering machine can't be beat and these phones come with various features, including everything from remote access to a selectable ring number.
  • Cordless Headset Phones: Some users prefer the convenience of hands-free options. Some cordless phones come equipped with both a traditional handset and a hands-free headset. These high-tech telephones can come with an array of great features, like digital technology and push-to-talk functions.
What features do cordless phones have?

Cordless phones are packed with features that improve usability. They include:

  • Bluetooth: Phones with Bluetooth can use this wireless technology to connect with cell phones. This means users can make and receive cell phone calls from the comfort of their home phone handset.
  • Handset Speakerphone: Speakerphone function lets users talk without a handset.
  • Expandable Systems: Many cordless phone systems are capable of adding on multiple handsets.
  • Wall Mountable: Many cordless styles are wall mountable, which provides users with greater flexibility.
  • Mobile Notifications: Cordless phones with Bluetooth give users mobile notifications, alerting them when they receive a new text, social media update, or email.
  • Directory Storage: Instead of inputting names and numbers manually, many cordless phones allow users to upload cell phone directories.
  • Two-Line Support: Several cordless models can receive calls from two phone numbers, an easy way to facilitate conference calls.
  • LCD Screen: Handsets are equipped with easy-to-read LCD screens, which make it easy to see who called and when.
  • Digital Answering Systems: Digital systems record all announcements and messages on a microchip. This offers greater performance, improved access to messages, and makes deleting messages easier.
  • Caller ID: This function allows users to see who is calling before they pick up the phone. Most Caller IDs are visible on the handset's LCD screen. Some cordless phones have coded ring tone Caller IDs. These allow users to set ringtones to specific callers. Other telephones have talking Caller ID functions.

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