Complete Snowmobile Engines

Complete engines, or crate engines, are fully-assembled engines that you can purchase for your snowmobile. Crate engines come in a variety of types and sizes for many types of snowmobiles. They come ready to install and are used to maximize your snowmobile’s performance.

What is a snowmobile and how does it work?

A snowmobile is a recreational vehicle that is designed to be driven in the winter and snow. Unlike other vehicles, snowmobiles can work on snow and ice, without the need for roads or trails. These vehicles are used for mountain climbing, camping, hunting, and more.

Snowmobiles use an engine to bring power to tracks or skis. This engine typically powers a continuous track at the rear of the vehicle, while also bringing power to the front skis for directional control.

The contemporary snowmobile came around the 1950s, when companies started producing more practical vehicles. In the 1960s, engines became smaller and lighter than ever before, which allowed for the design of the open-cockpit snowmobile. In later years, a four-stroke engine would come in addition to the traditional two-stroke. The combination of the transmission and engine allows for optimal snowmobile performance.

What types of engines are there?

There are two main types of snowmobile engines. These two types are two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engines. Engine performance has come a long way, now producing up to 180 horsepower from engines up to 1,200 cc. While engines used to have to be built part by part, they now come as crate engines or complete engines that are fully assembled.

  • Two-stroke: This engine has been the traditional option since the vehicle was first invented. They have one power stroke for each revolution of the crankshaft, are lightweight, and cost-efficient. Two-strokes are also air-cooled, use more lubricating oil, and is the smaller option.
  • Four-stroke: This engine has become a more readily available option in snowmobiles since the 1990s. It is heavier than the two-stroke, but has one power stroke for every two revolutions of the crankshaft and is water-cooled. It’s larger than the two-stroke but also higher-powered.
How can you purchase snowmobile crate engines?

You can purchase snowmobile engines in separate parts or as crate engines (complete). You can find separate parts and components that can enhance your current engine or purchase crate engines that come ready to add to your vehicle. Crate engines, or complete engines, are fully assembled and ready to install. The crate engine offers you more convenience, without sacrificing quality.