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Collings Electric Guitars to Amp Up Your Sound

As selecting an electric guitar can be a daunting task, buyers should consider their style of music, the acoustic characteristics of the guitar, and then of course, its aesthetics. Deciding on a few important factors can help narrow the selection down faster.

What Type of Guitar Body Should I Choose?

Collings electric guitars come in models in three body types. Each produces a unique type of sound.

  • Solid Body:Solid-body guitars do not have a hollow resonating chamber. They rely on amplification and are often used in rock and pop music. Due to the fact that the sound does not depend on a chamber for amplification, these instruments can come in various shapes. Solid-body models tend to be more responsive to effects. The Collings 360 is a good example.
  • Hollow Body:This type has a warm, bass-rich tone that is very similar to the sound of its acoustic counterpart. Hollow-body electric guitars, such as the Statesman LC Deluxe, are associated mostly with jazz music. Unlike solid-body models, playing this type at high volumes can result in feedback.
  • Semi-Hollow: Semi-hollow electric guitars offer a compromise between their solid- and hollow-body brothers. They offer a warm and resonant sound combined with the ability to handle amplification well. The SoCo Deluxe is an example.

What Options Does Collings Offer?

One way to make a guitar one's own is to choose a unique combination of options. Some options affect the tonal qualities of a guitar, while others are purely for aesthetic reasons.

  • Finish and Hardware Options: The same type of electric guitar can look completely different with a different finish applied. This generally applies to the color of the body. Hardware options include a choice of neck profiles, pegheads, tremolos, and options for left-handed guitarists. Finish and hardware options do not affect the sound.
  • Pickup Options: Pickups are the electronic devices that convert the vibrations of the strings into an electronic signal. The most basic type is a single coil pickup. Humbucker pickups are designed to eliminate hum.
  • Wood Options: The wood used to make the body of a guitar affects its tone. Some woods used to make musical instruments include maple, spruce, and mahogany.

What Accessories Will I Need?

Accessories can help keep musical instruments safe and can also extend their capabilities or make some tasks easier. Here are some useful ones to consider:

  • Amplifier: Amplifiers make electric guitars more audible. They can also affect the quality of the sound produced.
  • Pedals: Effects pedals, such as wah-wah pedals, alter the sound produced, and guitarists use a combination of pedals to create unique sounds.
  • Case: All musical instruments are delicate, and a guitar case can help extend the life of a guitar by preventing damage during travel or when storing the guitar.

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