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Cleveland Golf Clubs

Cleveland Golf Clubs

Golf can be easy and fun to play with the right equipment. Golf clubs from Cleveland allow you to pick your grip, shaft construction, and loft style. Having properly fitted golf clubs helps players with their game.

What types of clubs does Cleveland make?

Cleveland Golf makes everything that you need to get from the tee to the green, including:

  • The Cleveland Launcher HB driver: This golf club comes with a graphite shaft, designed to increase your driving distance off the tee.
  • The Cleveland Launcher CBX irons: These golf clubs are designed to give you the ability to control shots from the fairway or the rough, putting the ball where you want it.
  • Sand and lob wedges: The irons are designed to help you get the ball back onto the green when it goes off course or gets stuck in a sand trap.
  • The Huntington Beach 35-inch putter: This putter is designed to help provide a smooth roll of the ball as it makes it way to the cup.
How much loft can a wedge have?

A wedge made by Cleveland can have a loft as low as 46 degrees or as high as 58 degrees. A wedge with a loft of 46 to 50 degrees may work well for playing within 100 yards of the hole. For shots from the sand or tall rough, a player may want a wedge with a loft of 52-56 degrees.

Can anyone use Cleveland brand golf clubs?

Cleveland Golf offers a line of clubs designed for both female and male players. A golf club designed for a female player is lighter and shorter, and the shaft is more flexible than one designed for a male player. The head may be slightly heavier and larger to account for the differences in the ways that most women will swing the club. When it comes to beginners, the Cleveland 588 MT iron set is designed to be forgiving of any mistakes that you may make. Therefore, it may work well for those still learning the game of golf or those practicing a new type of shot. The Smart Sole Chipper and 3S wedge are also good choices for those still learning the game.

What materials are golf clubs made from?

Golf clubs such as a fairway wood or iron made by Cleveland Golf are made from steel or graphite. Shafts are made out of graphite while the heads are made of steel or titanium. Older drivers and fairway woods such as the TC15 are made out of wood that is treated with oil to keep the clubs supple and able to handle constant use.

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