Christmas Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are a wonderful way to make Christmas wrapping easy. From the moment the box lid is opened, recipients will get their first view of their holiday gift. No matter what the gift, there is a box that will help bring out the Christmas spirit.

How do you pick the right gift box?

The main thing to remember when choosing gift boxes is the size of the gift. There are a few elements to consider.

  • Measure - Find the widest and longest parts of the gift and select a box that is larger.
  • Add extra space - Add room for paper and extra padding, especially for any box containing breakables.
  • Pick a pattern - Pick gift boxes with festive Christmas designs.

How can gift boxes be used for holiday decor?

Christmas gift boxes are great to view under the Christmas tree. For general decoration, pick gift boxes that are a variety of sizes. You can also add color by wrapping the gift boxes in paper. Christmas gift boxes are also available with patterns already on the lid. Some of these gift boxes have traditional Christmas scenes and paintings on the exterior.

How can you pick gift boxes that have personality?

When it comes to gift boxes, you want to pick a box that fits the personality of the recipient. Here are some ways to offer unique Christmas gift boxes.

  • Represent traditions – Select patterns and symbols that represent holiday traditions from different religions and cultures.
  • Add paper - Paper in the box and on the box can be personalized to the recipient's favorite colors.
  • Personalized lid – The lid of the box may be personalized with art, Christmas pictures, or holiday quotes.

What kind of lids do gift boxes have?

There are several different types of Christmas gift boxes.

  • Traditional box - These are great for flat items and can be covered with paper.
  • Open lid - Ideal for pastries as you can view the contents easily.
  • Clear lid – You can view the gift inside. Clear lids are good boxes for jewelry.
  • Character lid – A lid with classic Christmas characters is a good box for children or anyone who appreciates the festivities of Christmas.

What materials are used for gift boxes?

Gift boxes are made from different materials. There are benefits to each box.

  • Cardboard – These are sturdier than other gift boxes; they are good for heavy items, and they can be recycled.
  • Paper – Ideal gift boxes for small items.
  • Plastic –You can keep the box for other uses. Plastic boxes are durable, too.
  • Card Stock – These are sturdier than paper gift boxes.