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Purchasing Challenge Paper Cutters and Trimmers on eBay

Whether you need a heavy-duty paper cutter for industrial use or a tabletop model for your office, Challenge's paper cutters and trimmers are ready for the job. And when you shop for an affordable Challenge paper cutter on eBay, you can often find one for much less than the usual retail price. Here's how to choose a cutter that will work for you.

Heavy-duty Challenge paper cutters

When your industry demands a high volume of precision-cut paper, industrial models like the iCutter 1550 are built to deliver. And since industrial models are often expensive, buying one new, refurbished, or used on eBay is often a way to save a significant amount of money. These are some of the features you'll find in these models:

  • Choice in operation: These models can be operated in manual, automatic, or semi-automatic modes.
  • Cut line indicators: A light indicates a cut line on the page for a precise cut, even in manual mode.
  • Two-hand controls: These controls eliminate the risk of accidentally injuring your hand while operating the machine.
  • Easy knife change: This makes replacing a worn blade fast and easy.
  • Chrome air cushion table: This provides an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable cutting surface.
Lighter and office-duty Challenge cutters

Not every business calls for an industrial-strength cutter, and if you're seeking a relatively cheap Challenge paper cutter and trimmer, the Challenge 150 SA and similar models are worth considering. This smaller cutter can be used on a tabletop for a variety of cutting applications. These are some of the features you'll see:

  • Manual clamping: The crank-wheel clamp system distributes pressure much more evenly than a lever system, giving you a great cut each time.
  • Safety guards: This cutter comes with protective guards for the surface you'll be using it on.
  • Safety buttons: By requiring both hands to operate it, this cutter is designed to eliminate injury risk.
Should you buy new, refurbished, or used?

One of the benefits of shopping on eBay is that you'll see both new and preowned Challenge paper cutters and trimmers. Used and refurbished machines offer you a chance to save money. A refurbished cutter is one that has had any issues fixed and been restored to like-new condition. As you browse the listings, consider:

  • Cosmetic condition: While this isn't the most important thing, a machine in good condition reflects positively on your office environment.
  • Working condition: Read the listings closely to make sure that the machine you select is in good working order and has no known issues.
  • Blade: Check to see whether the machine is being sold with a worn blade or the blade has recently been replaced.
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