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Choosing a Ceramic Outdoor Fountain

Adding an outdoor fountain to your outside garden area can create a feeling of tranquility, calm and peace. Moving water attracts our attention, it is a great distraction and brings life to any space. Gently bubbling or flowing water is also soothing and can help with relaxing and revitalization in a natural environment. 

What Are Different Styles of Ceramic Fountains?

Ceramic fountains are an attractive addition or focal point to include in your garden decor. Forging in high-temperature ovens, craftsmen usually paint and glaze this hard material to form various water feature shapes and designs. The properties of ceramics mean it can withstand outdoor conditions. Some of the styles of ceramic water features you will find include:

  • Multi-tier Cascading Fountains: A cascade of water gives a sense of fresh movement to any location. Cascading water features come with variously shaped vessels, arranging in multiple levels for the water to flow from top to bottom. You'll find this waterfall effect from jugs, urns, pots, bowls, replica rocks, with two-tiers and more.
  • Single-Tier Cascading Fountains: One can also create a water cascade in a fountain with one or more nozzles that spray water up vertically. These can be eye-catching and stunning as a central focal point.
  • Feature Fountains: Ceramic garden fountains often have feature images built into their design and water flow. If you're an animal lover, look for frogs, lions, ducks, or birds. To create a Zen-type atmosphere of wisdom and knowledge, look for water fountains featuring a Buddha figure.
  • Birdbath Water Fountains: Combine two functions in one with a birdbath fountain. These usually go in an open position and on a single pedestal, so birds can keep an eye out for predators while they quench their thirst.

What are Sizes of Outdoor Fountains?

Outdoor water fountains can come in a range of sizes to place in any sized garden, patio, or terrace space. Pumps usually recirculate water through the system. They may use battery power, solar panels, or electricity.

  • Small Fountains: Smaller tabletop fountains are perfect for a smaller space or nestled in the corner of a deck or patio area for the apartment dwellers that you can relocate inside if you wish.
  • Medium Sized Fountains: Medium sizes can add to an idyllic garden setting when they you place them to blend in with existing plants and trees, or as a feature on their own.
  • Large Fountains: Large fountains look awesome in a large backyard or front yard, or when incorporated into fencing designs along property boundaries.

What Accessories Do Fountains Need?

Depending on the feature, type, and size of fountain you decide on, there are a few accessories you may need. These include: 

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Nozzles and atomizers
  • Lighting to enhance the visual effect of the flowing water at night
  • Additional items such as decorative floating flowers and petals.