Build Kit and Gruppos for Mountain Bikes

Build Kit and Gruppos for Mountain Bikes

Whether you are looking to replace the parts of an old mountain bike or trying to build an entirely new one, you will need a reliable kit to get a top-performance bike. Finding the right build kit and gruppos for mountain bikes may prove to be a challenge. Arming yourself with knowledge about specific components and what they do will help you reach your goal.

What components are included in a Gruppo set?

What you get in a mountain bike build set depends on the brand you buy from. Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnola all offer comprehensive kits, and you may search for one based on the parts you require. Basic components of a build kit may include a brake set, bottom bracket, bike chain, crankset, handlebar, pedal set, shifter set, front and rear derailleur, hub set, grip pair, stem, seat post, and cable set. Various bundles are offered if you prefer a few of the components versus a complete build kit. While the options for specific types of road bikes are endless, there are plenty of Gruppo sets that are geared towards a mountain bike model.

What specifications should you consider before purchasing a build kit?

Ask yourself in what way and how often you will use the bike once it is built. Will you use it for bumpy terrain or will you be on less intense terrain, like a road? How you use the bike will determine what specifications you should consider. How fast do you want to go? While there are some exceptions, many mountain bike sets are 11 or 12 speed. It is also important to consider how you prefer to shift. The SRAM GX Eagle kit, for instance, has a trigger shifter. If you prefer a twist shifter, you may want to look for that in a bike, as shifting comfortably will preserve your wrist and allow you to transition more smoothly.

The type of bike grip and grip material is another critical consideration; no one wants blistered hands at the end of a biking trip. Another important component is the complication or time required to build the bike. There are options like a 4-piece Gruppo over a 12-piece Gruppo. On the other hand, you may have developed a preference for models made during a specific year or more customized details. Newer models may have added features that you like, for example. Lastly, you may want to contemplate what size of bike best suits you and whether or not you mind if the bike gear is used.