Bronze Track Lighting Ceiling Fixtures

Bronze Track Lighting Ceiling Fixtures

Track lighting systems provide ambient or accent lighting. The track light is often adjustable, allowing you to put a spotlight on artwork, illuminate hallways, or light a unique interior space. The bronze finishes on these track lights may add warmth and depth.

What types of track lighting are available?

There are two main types of bronze and oil-rubbed bronze track lighting systems:

  • Track kits: Track light kits include arms that are either fixed in place or adjustable to your lighting needs. Track light fixtures cannot usually be moved.
  • Linear track lighting: Bronze linear strips of track allow you to configure and customize your lighting.
What styles do heads for track lighting systems come in?

The lighting fixtures attached to the track system come in several shapes and styles:

  • Step lighting: These lights are the standard when it comes to track systems. They work with any decor or home interior designs.
  • Round-back lighting: These have a rounded, cylindrical shape that gives them a sleeker appearance.
  • Pinhole lighting: These have a back that is partially exposed, which allows some light to escape. This gives them an industrial look.
  • Gimbal lighting: These heads have a flat, light surface while from the back, they resemble theatrical lighting. The light can swivel 180 degrees and has a decorative appearance.
  • Shades: Some fixed track light systems have heads that match the track rail while others come with glass shades. Colored glass, champagne glass, amber glass, and forested glass are some styles of shade.
What bulbs can be used in track lighting systems?

Your lighting system will determine what types of bulbs can be used. It is recommended that you never exceed the maximum wattage recommended for your track light system. Some track lights only work with LEDs, which are more energy-efficient and do not get hot.

What different bronze finishes are there?

There are three different types of bronze finishes for track lighting systems:

  • Polished bronze: A bronze finish adds a dramatic effect to track light systems due to their warm metallic colors. Regular bronze finishes tend to have a polished look that makes them more reflective and brighter than brushed bronze or oil-rubbed bronze finishes.
  • Brushed bronze: This finish is made of metal that has been treated to look like bronze that has developed a natural patina, or wear, pattern.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze: This finish has the look of metal that has been chemically darkened to simulate aged bronze. Depending on the brand, the color of oil-rubbed bronze track lights can range from a deep chocolate brown to a dark gray with undertones of copper.