Boyds Teddy Bears

Anyone who has collected plush animals or vintage collectibles is likely to be familiar with Boyds Bears. This brand has been around for decades, and its toys are intended for both children and adults. No matter the occasion or event, there's a broad spectrum of Boyds Bears available to purchase.

How do you choose the right Boyds Bear?

With so many varieties available, several factors are worth considering when shopping for a collectible Boyds Bear:

  • Size: There are varying sizes of Boyds Bears, from tiny 3-inch figurines to stuffed bears that are over 40 inches tall. Choose a size that will fit with the recipient's style or decor.
  • Style: Choose a bear that's similar to one that is already owned. For children, stuffed bears are an option.
  • Recipient: When buying bears for others, consider their needs and desires. Do they already have a Boyds Bears collection? Do they have particular interests or hobbies that a bear can celebrate? For friends who are avid Boyds Bears collectors, ask if there are specific bears that they would like to add to their collections.
  • Theme: Boyds Bears feature a range of characters, subjects, and styles. For example, you could celebrate friends by selecting a pair of plush buddies from the Friendship Collection.
  • How do you clean Boyds Bears?

    Maintaining a Boyds Bear requires cleaning it periodically. Following are some tips for caring for your plush bears:

    • Do not put the Boyds Bear in a washing machine because it will weaken the material and seams.
    • Use a vacuum to gently remove excess dust and debris from the Boyds Bear's fur.
    • Spot clean the bear with a damp cloth. Avoid getting the plush bear too wet.
    • Brush the Boyds Bear's fur in the direction of the nap.
    • If necessary, trim fur around the eyes, or any loose threads, with a small pair of sewing scissors.

    Caring for resin figurines involves the following:

    • Use a soft makeup brush or small, clean paintbrush to remove dirt and dust.
    • For dust stuck in folds or creases, try spraying compressed air to blast the dirt out.
    • Use a small, electronic vacuum to clean the collectible Boyds bears figures.
    What is the history of Boyds Bears and Friends?

    Boyds Bears are the creation of partners G. M. Lowenthal and Justina Unger, whose company was acquired in 2008 by Enesco. The first Boyd resin bear figurines were created in 1984, and stuffed bears came soon afterward. A fan club was created in 1996 and named "Loyal Order of Friends of Boyds!" For decades, Boyds Bears regularly released new and original plush and resin creations. Besides bears, the company also created and sold other animal toys called Boyds Friends. Today, Boyds Bears continue to be sold to people of all ages.