Botany 500 Mens Suits

A suit can be a useful garment when youre looking for a piece of clothing to complete your formal outfit. These Botany 500 mens suits are available in an array of waist sizes that range from 28-48 inches for their pants. The available inseams extend from 26-36 inches to provide you with options that can be divided into size categories of regular, big, and tall to ensure a good fit.

Which materials are these Botany 500 mens suits made from?
  • 100% wool: Wool is a wavy hair that is obtained from the coats of sheep or goats. It goes through a shearing process before being prepared to be used in clothing. This material consists primarily of protein. There are many different types of wool, largely depending on which animal the material is taken from, such as cashmere and angora wool.
  • Flannel: This is a type of fabric that is soft-woven and is slightly raised or milled when used in the creation of garments. This type of fabric can be made from a variety of other materials, the most common of which include synthetic fibers or cotton. This fabric often goes through a brushing process.
  • Polyester: This is a type of synthetic resin that is 100% man-made and is referred to as a thermoplastic material. This fabric is oftentimes spun with other natural materials to created a fabric with blended properties, such as a cotton-polyester blend.
  • Tweed: This is a type of woolen fabric that is rough and elastic while also coming with an open design. There are a variety of structures that this fabric can be woven into, including herringbone, weave, or twill structures. The dyed material is usually mixed together with other dyes before being spun.
  • Linen blend: Linen is a type of cloth that is woven from the fibers taken from a flax plant. A linen blend is any blend where linen is combined with other materials, such as cotton or wool.
What are some colors available with these suits?

There are a range of colors available for you to select, the primary of which are black and gray. Some other color options available to you include blue, beige, brown, and green. Some of these garments come in multiple colors with combinations like gray and green or brown and black.

How do you choose the right Botany 500 suit?

When you are looking to select the right suit for your wardrobe, there are some guidelines that can assist you throughout the selection process.

  • Select a jacket length: The main jacket lengths that are available range from short to extra long in length.
  • Select a material: The available materials can be anything from flannel and tweed and polyester and 100% wool.
  • Select a style: The suit styles that you can select include a classic-fit suit, three-piece, two-button, three-button, and double-breasted styles. Pants can be flat-front pants, slim fits, or wide legs.
  • Select a color and pattern: There are a variety of colors available with the pinstriped, striped, and solid patterns.
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