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Body Glove Wetsuits

Body Glove is an American brand that designs and sells activewear, footwear, and other apparel and gear related to water sports such as surfing, diving, wake boarding, and more. Since the company's beginning, they have been innovating men's, women's, and youth wetsuits, which continue to be a popular item offered by the brand today. These wetsuits allow water sports enthusiasts to conquer cold temperatures and stay comfortable and agile while also enhancing their performance with the unique Body Glove designs made to suit everyone’s needs.

What are Body Glove wetsuits made of?

Body Glove wetsuits are made of neoprene, which is a foam substance designed to resemble and feel like rubber. Neoprene is particularly useful in keeping things insulated and is not only used in wetsuits but in koozies, lunch boxes, and electronic cases or covers as well. The founders of Body Glove first utilized neoprene when they discovered it being used to insulate refrigerators, and they realized it would be perfect for keeping the body warm in cold water.

What thickness of wetsuit do you need?

Wetsuits may range from 0.5 millimeters in thickness to 6 millimeters, and some of these products utilize varying thicknesses on different sections of one wetsuit. For example, a Body Glove wetsuit may be labeled as a 6/5/3mm product, meaning that the torso of the suit is 6 millimeters thick, the legs are 5 millimeters thick, and the arms are 3 millimeters thick. The thicker the suit, the warmer it will keep you and the more it can withstand colder conditions.

How does a wetsuit work?

This apparel works by keeping a thin layer of water between the skin and the inner lining of the suit, which the body heats up. The heat generated is kept in by the insulating neoprene material. A common misconception is that wetsuits keep you dry; however, this is not the case. A wetsuit will only keep you warm if used in the appropriate conditions; therefore, it is important to research the temperatures you will be using the suit in to ensure you select the corresponding thickness that won't cause you to freeze or overheat.

What types of wetsuits does Body Glove sell?

Body Glove sells a wide variety of these products for both men and women, and they also offer a few in a youth size. These products vary in thickness, color, style, size, and even the way they can be zipped. They also vary in coverage, allowing use for different activities. The coverage ranges from full-sleeved varieties that can be hooded to short-sleeved options that have shorter sleeves on both the legs and arms.

What is flatlock seam construction?

A flatlock seam involves overlapping the edge of the two pieces of material and stitching them together through the neoprene. This stitching technique makes the suit more prone to seawater entry, which is why Body Glove utilizes flatlock seams on their Springsuits that are used in warmer conditions.