Blue Mountain Arts Anniversary Greeting Cards & Invitations

Blue Mountain Arts Anniversary Greeting Cards and Invitations

Blue Mountain is a card company that offers anniversary cards. These anniversary greetings allow you to offer wishes for every anniversary, including milestones such as the silver, golden, or diamond years.

What are the types of Blue Mountain Arts anniversary cards?
  • Cards for Spouses: Anniversary cards are available for one member of the pair to give to the other in order to provide special wishes for the anniversary. The spouse-to-spouse greeting cards often have a heartfelt sentiment and space to write memories of the wedding day.
  • Cards for Parents: Blue Mountain offers anniversary wishes geared to parents, in-laws, or stepparents for a happy anniversary. The cards will have space for the child to express personal wishes to their parents for their anniversary.
  • Other relatives or friends of the couple: Blue Mountain offers a number of cards with anniversary wishes that mention other familial or friend-based relationships or just good wishes.
What are the features of anniversary greeting cards?
  • Calligraphy: The front of Blue Mountain anniversary cards often features calligraphy. The stylized handwriting on the front of the anniversary card often confers a special wish, good wishes such as "Happy Anniversary", or sentiments of love. The inside of the Blue Mountain greeting card may also have calligraphic sentiments to the pair celebrating the anniversary. Poetry is a common feature in Blue Mountain cards.
  • Embellishments: Many Blue Mountain greeting cards feature embellishments such as dimensional flowers, hearts, or other designs. The front of the greeting card may also have glitter or dimensional effects like embossing on the lettering.
  • Artwork: The front of anniversary cards by Blue Mountain often features artwork in a watercolor or painted style. Some of the common artwork themes on anniversary cards include cakes, couples holding hands, and candles.
What are the design options for anniversary party invitations?

Blue Mountain greeting cards for anniversaries feature designs that focus on the symbols of love and togetherness. A common theme for the anniversary cards is a silhouette of a pair walking together in a natural landscape such as a beach or a garden path.

An anniversary greeting card might also show floral bouquets or abstract floral designs. Many of the cards feature hearts, such as Valentines Day cards, but with a message of "Happy Anniversary," so that the occasion for the greeting card is clearly understood. Heart-shaped drawings in a rainbow of colors, a scene of a heart between two people, or oversized heart-shaped drawings on human figures are also common design options. Most of the cards have a vertical orientation, and some of the greeting cards have a pop-out on the inside or an accordion fold-out format.

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