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Black LEGO Bricks Pieces

LEGO products reached hands of consumers in 1949 and ever since has been a large part of many a person's building experience. As a simple set of bricks, each brick can be used to build infrastructures with mini figurines included. LEGO produces a variety of sets in various colors and themes.

What are the uses for LEGO black building bricks?

LEGO bricks can enhance the building experience in a variety of black structures. Of all of the buildable shapes, LEGO bricks are categorized into simple units, which are listed below:

  • Bricks in different lengths and sizes
  • Parts to a model such as airplane or truck
  • Custom parts such as stairs and street lights
  • Strip blocks for creating a large platform
  • Uncommon shaped units such as roof tiles and round plates
Do LEGO bricks come in lots?

Yes, the individual bricks can come in many different kinds of lots ranging from 100 pieces of the same shaped block or even 500 of random units. Lots are often broken down as 100 units of one shape or size of brick, but there many lots, including mixed pieces for a more randomized experience. LEGO flag poles and hinges typically come in smaller lots.

How do you build with LEGO pieces?

Each unit of brick will have an interlocking system that safely secures pieces into each other without a fastener. The system as implemented keeps the top of the brick with a stud and the bottom of another brick as a tube coupling system. It is very simplistic yet great for motor skills. Each shape can virtually fit anywhere on another brick.

How can sizes be differentiated?

Sizing for each brick can be classified by the number of external ridges on each block. For instance, a block with one row of four bumps is 1x4 and a thin block with four rows of four bumps is considered a 4x4 black plate. Identifying is as easy as counting the number of ridges unless it is a custom shape such as a wheel, pole, or hinge, which will be classified by the name of the unit versus the size of the piece.

What are LEGOS made of?

Each part is made of a thermoplastic polymer that gives the LEGO strength for building and rebuilding, resilience from breaking during use, and a hard, shiny surface. The thermoplastic polymer is made of three monomers: Acrylonitrile, 1,3-butadiene and styrene.

Aside from these ingredients, LEGOS are mixed with color and then polymerized (hardened) with potassium peroxydisulphate.

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