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Bicycle Bar Ends Plugs

Bar ends or bar end plugs are an accessory on many mountain bikes. They are added to the ends of both handlebars on your mountain bike although you may wish to add them to other bikes as well. Bar ends are available in different styles and colors, but you see them most often in standard black and curved like small horns.

What are bar ends on a bike?

Mountain bike bar end plugs are accessories you can add to the handlebars of any bike, but they are more common on mountain-type bikes than other forms. The reason for this is that cyclists typically use these plugs as a leverage and climbing aid. Bar ends come in pairs so that you have one for each end of your handlebars. Their horned or curved design gives you an extra place to grip during riding.

What color variations of bar ends can you buy?

You can purchase bar end grips in pairs and a variety of styles and configurations to suit your needs or tastes. Bar end plugs are available for purchase in standard colors such as basic black or others that may complement the color of your bike. You can install blue, orange, purple, red, green, silver, or white grips to your handlebar if you want a color that meshes with your current bike.

What bar end plug configurations are there?

While many bar ends can appear very similar to one another, there are some slight variations to the grips depending on your general needs. You may favor ergonomic gel grips rather than metal or plastic handles. Aluminum alloy plugs are also available should you prefer something with more heft and weight. Some bar plugs are longer than others and can act as a handlebar extender if your current one feels too short but you don't wish to purchase another bike or set of bars. Other bar end plugs have unique animal designs on them for a more personalized touch.

How do you install mountain bike bar ends?

Once you've purchased a pair of bar end plugs of your choice, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow to install them on your bike:

  • You should first loosen the fasteners that hold your bike's shifter and brakes in place. Once you've done this, move the brakes and shifter inwards to match the width of the bar ends.
  • Remove the current grips from your handlebar or cut them to move them and make room for the bar end plugs.
  • Slide the bar end plugs onto the ends of the handlebar and fasten them into place.