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Bedroom Chairs

Adding the right chair can enhance the look of your bedroom and can serve as an accent. Even if you don't have related furniture, like a desk or small table in your bedroom, you'll find that setting up bedroom chairs can add a lot of comfort and functional use. There are several things to consider when adding a chair to your bedroom.

What types of bedroom chairs should you consider?

While there are many different types of chairs, a few you may want to consider include the club, slipper, and armchair.

  • The club is upholstered and roomy. If you're looking for a piece of furniture to add a cozy spot to your room, this style is a great choice. It's perfect for lounging around and reading a good book in the privacy of your own space.
  • The slipper is stylish and functional. It offers a lot of support, has a tall back, and has no armrest. Its primary purpose is to give you support for putting on your pants, socks, or shoes. Many people like to set it on the base of their bed, so they can wake up in the morning and get ready for their day in comfort.
  • Lastly, there's the armchair. It is available with a wingback or a regular back. The purpose is to provide seating that supports your arms. Some offer a small area support while others offer more surface area for your arms. Always opt for more surface area and cushioning if you plan on using it to sit for long periods of time.

How do you choose the right color?

Choosing the right color really comes down to the existing decor of your bedroom and your personal preference. Start by looking at the color scheme of your room. You can't go wrong with an accent chair that works with the existing colors. If your color scheme is mostly one color like white, blue will work well, but you can use just about any color, as it will add a lot of contrast.

For many rooms, neutral colors like blue, white, green, gray, and black can work well. But if you're using a color like blue or red, different tones and palettes of the colors are better as it adds more depth to the decor. You may also want your color scheme to match with other parts of your living room or home in general.

How do you choose the right style and fabric?

For the style and design, think about the look you're trying to go for. A wingback chair can really improve your design if you're going for a classic and elegant feel. The club chair is perfect if you're looking for something fun and more modern. If you have other furniture around like a table, you may want to match its look with the chair.

As for fabric, you want to consider durability and upkeep. Tafetta and cotton are known for being durable and easy to clean. Other materials like leather, silk, velvet, and wool are luxurious, but they require a lot of upkeep. It's also recommended that you search for a fabric that feels good to your skin.