Three Things to Know About BeautiControl

The BeautiControl brand offered beauty products for more than 30 years before announcing they were closing. However, Youngevity International stepped in and bought BeautiControl, preserving the brand name, and so the treasured product line is still available to you today. You can find all of your old favorites as well as new BeautiControl products on eBay.

BeautiControl makeup

Their comprehensive product line has lots of makeup choices for your face, lips, eyes, and cheeks. The Smooth Perfection Foundation is a mineral-based foundation that conceals and diffuses imperfections. The Hydra Brilliance lipstick collection is offered in about 20 colors and gives your lips a natural dewy appearance that's the perfect middle-ground between matte and high-shine. BC Color Eye-Perfecting Pencil is a crayon-style eyeliner in shimmery shades, like blue, purple, green, silver, and black. Any of your makeup needs can be met with the BeautiControl products available on eBay.

What's in their skin care collection?

BeautiControl has produced plenty of skin care products and still does today through Youngevity. They offer eye and facial skin creams that contain anti-aging ingredients, like retinol. The Regeneration Tight, Firm & Fill Extreme Lip Treatment is designed to help improve the appearance of your upper lip, which is an area prone to creasing from everyday movements, like eating, smoking, and even puckering up for a kiss. Some other BeautiControl skin care products are:

  • Regeneration Smooth Intensive Night Serum
  • Regeneration Tight, Firm & Fill Dramatic Anti-Aging Cream
  • BC Facial Spa Restructuring Eye Creme
  • Regeneration Smooth Line Minimizing Day Serum
  • Regeneration TFF PM and Intensive Moisturizing Eye Elixir
The BeautiControl Oxygen Zone Skin Purifying Tool

Check out new and pre-owned Oxygen Zone Skin Purifying Tools on eBay. This device generates beneficial ozone, also known as O3, which is made up of three oxygen molecules. You gently massage the tool on your skin in combination with a serum or lotion, such as BTeXtreme Age Defying Serum. The Purifying Tool plugs into an electrical outlet and is intended to refresh, rejuvenate, and purify your skin by using ozone and warmth. It helps to reduce the appearance of redness, and using it is meant to be an overall treat for your skin. You can give yourself an at-home facial by using this tool with the BC Spa Bright Oxygen Infusion Radiance Masque, which is also available to you on eBay.

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