Replacement Battery Covers for Your Samsung Galaxy S

There are several battery covers for Samsung Galaxy S mobile devices in this collection. Aesthetics and protective features vary among the products included. In addition, some of the Galaxy product packages include additional accessories.

What are some of the aesthetic designs?

Aesthetically, the smartphone covers available feature several different colors and finishes. Finishes include different options for sheen, ranging from glossy to matte. Glossy finishes reflect additional light and have more reflective properties. A range of colors for your device is also available with some specific Samsung models being offered in multiple colors. Text on the back of the covers may feature brand or carrier names. If there is a carrier name, the name of the carrier has no bearing on the actual functionality of the case. Products are designed for specific phone models, such as the Galaxy S, Galaxy S7 Edge, or the Galaxy S4, rather than specific carriers. Some of the solid colors available are:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Grey
What are the protective features of the mobile device covers?

Generally, most covers available are constructed of glass. They are the length of the phone and usually make up the entire back side of the smartphones they protect. There are built-in holes in the design to provide space for cameras, microSD cards, micro-USB, and flash features. The covers are secured to phones using several screws or adhesives for the purpose of securing a fit that cannot be accidentally removed.

Are there specific installation instructions?

To install a battery cover, the user must have the appropriate tools. The required tools are specific to the phone model that the cover is designed for. In some cases, the tools are included with the cover product package. Tools include several different screwdrivers that are designed specifically for that phone.

  • To start with: Use the screwdrivers to remove all associated screws from the backing of the phone and remove the original case.
  • Following this: Remove the clear adhesive cover that comes standard on cases by pulling on the exposed tab.
  • At this point: Carefully line up the cover with the phone to align it properly, ensuring that the camera lens and flash are in the correct place.
  • Finally: Reinstall the screws to complete the installation.
Are products designed for a specific phone generation?

There are several different generations of phones supported in this collection. The availability of specific models between the different generations may vary on an individual product basis. In some cases, there may be several different options for the generation that a specific cover model is available for.

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