Banderas y pancartas Automotriz

Car & Truck Banners & Flags

When it comes to car flags, there are so many options available you might not know where to start. The first place to start is with your favorite brand and move on to the wording and color. A Ford lover wouldnt dare put up Chevy vehicle flags, and a Honda fan wouldnt put up a Toyota-themed flag. Banners are great for placing inside and outside the garage. Put it on the wall or hang it from a flagpole and show off what you like. Those that want to be a little fancier than just a flag on the wall should consider framing it. A framed flag is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift and is ideal for a car themed bedroom or man cave. 

Small or Large

Size does matter. A truck banner comes in varies sizes, so you are sure to find the one that fits in the space you have available. The most common size is  3-feet by 5-feet. For the vertical style, the most common size is 5-feet by 3-feet. These sizes are large enough for people passing by to see but not too large that they seem overwhelming.

Brand Loyal

If you are purchasing a car flag, you most likely have a favorite brand so thankfully every brand has its own style of car and truck flags. Many come with the company name written on it, but others might have the logo and name, logo only, or name with the word racing, racing team, or motorsports after it. Pick your favorite or maybe two or three of your favorites and cover the walls of your garage.

Designs You Love

Wording and logos come in various styles of writing and colors. Some take up the entire area while others only have a design in the middle. You might not have a color theme in your garage, but with all the grease and dirt flying you may want to consider picking a flag that wont show the dirt. Darker colors hide dirt while white shows off every little speck of dust. Of course, you can always take it down and wash it when it becomes dirty. But who wants to do that?