Assassin's Creed Video Game Merchandise

A Quick Guide to "Assassins Creed" Video Game Merchandise

"Assassins Creed" is the long-running action-adventure video game series from Ubisoft. First released in 2007, the series blends science fiction and historical fiction into a unique setting. Fans of the stealth series can collect this officially licensed merchandise to wear, use, or display at their leisure, including the "Assassins Creed" hidden blade.

Is used "Assassins Creed" merchandise available?

Yes. If youre looking for used Assassins Creed items, youve come to the right place. In many cases, choosing used merchandise on eBay is the only way to purchase items that are no longer in production or were never available on the market in the first place, including pre-order bonuses and promotional material. You can also purchase individual collectors-edition items without actually buying the entire collectors edition, which may already be out of print.

What types of merchandise are available?

"Assassins Creed" merchandise can be divided by the following ways:

  • Clothing and accessories: You can find affordable Assassins Creed T-shirts, socks, scarves, earrings, rings, keychains, necklaces, pins, wallets, watches, and any other wearable or usable item. The clothing and accessories category also includes replicas of accessories from the actual game, ranging from helmets to the hidden-blade gauntlet.
  • Cups: Whether you want to collect them for display or actually drink from them, Assassins Creed cups, shot glasses, flasks, and mugs are all available on eBay.
  • Statues and figurines: You can display these statues around your home. Many of them were only released with the collectors edition of a given game. Action figures and plush dolls are also available.
  • Art books: The art book shows behind-the-scenes artwork that was used in the game. Many art books have been released with the collectors editions of specific games in the series.
  • Soundtracks: The soundtracks feature a carefully selected suite of songs from the game. These tend to be collectors-edition items as well.
  • Steel cases: This steel casing holds and protects the game.
  • Posters: These include both regular and collectors-edition posters. You can frame them and put them on your wall.
Can you cosplay with any of these items?

Yes, this merchandise may include entire costumes or parts of costumes, such as the aforementioned hidden blade, that can lend authenticity and quality to your "Assassins Creed" cosplay setup. You can visit conventions or simply entertain friends by dressing up as one of the main characters from the video game series.

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