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Ashley Furniture Sofas, Loveseats and Chaises

Ashley Furniture Sofas, Loveseats, and Chaises

Ashley Furniture is a manufacturer of sofas, loveseats, and chaises. Sofas can be used as seating in living rooms, and some of them can double as beds for overnight houseguests.

What are some types of sofas from Ashley Furniture?
  • Sofa: A traditional couch can seat two to three people with its three bottom cushions. Its also a good length for laying down or fully stretching out. Many sofas have cushioned seats and armrests. This type of couch is often placed in a den or living room.
  • Loveseat: The loveseat is intended to seat up to two people and can be paired with another living room seat, such as a sofa. There are two seat cushions on a loveseat, and it has cushioned seats and armrests.
  • Sectional: The sectional ensemble is comprised of two or more furniture pieces that are combined together to make one. This furniture can seat well over three people. The amount of people it can seat depends on how big or small the sectional piece is. Chaises and sectionals are commonly paired furniture pieces.
What types of sofas are for sleeping?

This brand offers specific pieces that are designed for daily lounging and nighttime sleeping. This type of furniture is called a sleeper sofa. It looks like a regular couch; however, when the cushions are removed, you unfold the bed that is housed under the cushions to extend it into furniture for sleeping. Couches that are used for sleeping can be housed in your living room area, or they can be placed in a more private room for sleeping.

What are some loveseat designs?
  • Daystar Loveseat: This seat comes in the color Seafoam. It is made of cotton and polyester with two additional one-side toss pillows made of polyester and rayon. The two decorative pillows are covered on one side with blue, white, and tan floral artwork. This couch weighs 109 pounds and has a corner-blocked frame to fit at your desired angle in your preferred room.
  • Alenya Loveseat: This loveseat comes in black and tan. The body of the loveseat is made of polyester and nylon. This loveseat comes with two additional one-side top pillows for added decoration. The design of each pillow is comprised of words written in various fonts over the surface of the fabric. The pillows are tan, like the couch, and the letters written over the fabric are printed in black. This loveseat weighs 94 pounds and has a corner-blocked frame.
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