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Artificial Nail Tips

If you love your nails, then a manicure is the first step to achieving a beautiful nail design. It can take some practice to know the design and tip to put on your nails. For artificial nails, the tips include acrylics, gel, and nail polish, depending on your preference.

How do nail tips and overlays work?

These are light, nail-shaped plastic plates that are glued to the natural tip during a manicure to add to their length. Gel, acrylics, or fiberglass is then applied to the extensions to secure, strengthen, and add shine. For overlays, the strengthening mixture is applied directly to the natural nails to strengthen and increase their durability.

What are nails tips made of?

Nail tips are shaped plates made of Virgin ABS Polymer Plastic. They are specially designed to withstand day-to-day wear and tear. They are available in simple color shades like French Manicure as well as flamboyant designs like animal prints and mixed metallic colors. Acrylic nails are available in the coffin, French, and stiletto shapes.

Do nail tips come in multiple colors?

Acrylic black nail tips that easily blend with your daily attires include the Matte Justice, Matte Red, Polka Dots, Tigress, Dark Beauty, and Darkness Reigns designs. These are available with other sparkle color combinations such as the black and silver, black and gold, black and white, among others. These false nails incorporate Bling Art ideas in their art. You can buy a full package containing an SDS tested and certified glue, a file, and a cuticle stick.

How do you apply nail polish on nail tips?
  • Use a base coat: This increases the durability of your manicure.
  • Use an old lip brush: This is meant to tidy your nails'’ edges. Dip the brush into the remover and wipe around your fingernails.
  • Apply cuticle oil on your nails: This will reduce the probability of having your polish nick. In addition, this minimizes cuticle chipping and peeling.
  • Avoid a fast-drying polish application: This is to ensure that your fingernails do not dehydrate.
How long do nail tips last?

To maintain a sparkling look for your acrylic nails, use quality polish and top coats. Acrylic nails require regular fills every two weeks. Finish with a top coat a week after your fill to preserve your manicure’s shine and color. Finally, keep your hand moisturized for your acrylic nails to last as long as possible.