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The Alexander McQueen Sneakers

Alexander McQueen Sneakers

Alexander McQueen was making fashion waves long before the designer started working in the sneaker world and before the house created a full line of modern shoes under designer Sarah Burton.

McQueen created his own persona in fashion circles — an East End Londoner and son of a taxi driver who became a British fashion king. He made his way to London's Savile Row, working with a tailor. He then worked in theater costume design — a style many say influenced McQueen when he was on his own — before moving to Italy to work in the fashion industry. While founding his label in the 1990s, McQueen was the lead designer at the French fashion house Givenchy in the late '90s. He heavily focused on his own label throughout the 2000s.

The Regal History of Alexander McQueen

McQueen's first true foray into sneaker culture occurred via his collaborations with PUMA, with the first footwear launch happening in 2006. He continued working with PUMA until his untimely death in 2010. Sarah Burton, the new lead McQueen designer, ensured that the McQueen collaboration with PUMA continued. And in 2015, she showed off her own footwear creations for the brand.

The Regal History of Alexander McQueen.

Burton continued to influence popular British fashion culture — designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress in 2011 was a crowning achievement, even if the bridesmaid dress she designed for Kate's sister Pippa was as much talked about. She also gave the McQueen label a singular take on sneakers by mixing the chunky with the classic in a way other brands weren't doing.

Alexander McQueen Shoes: Collectibility and Value

As you'd expect from a luxury brand, the retail prices for McQueen sneakers easily stretch to $600, so the resale market for the most popular can push toward $700 and even as high as $800 for the most popular models and colorways.

The most sought-after model on the resale market is undoubtedly the Oversized Sneaker — whether in White Lust Red, Black/White, Paint Splatter, Worker Blue, Fluo Yellow or an entire host of options.The PUMA collaborations still haven't caught on in sneaker culture at the same level, with models often found below retail price.

Alexander McQueen Shoes_Collectibility and Value.

Alexander McQueen Shoes in Popular Culture

There are two sides to the Alexander McQueen sneaker story. First came PUMA, and then came the more recent designs from Sarah Burton for in-house products.

  • The Oversized Sneaker is the most well-known of the McQueen styles from Burton. This quintessential McQueen design, with a classic tennis style on the upper, is often done in calf leather, complete with a heel panel reminiscent of the 1970s. But where this style takes a turn is in the chunky outsole that blends the classic design on the upper with the chunky '90s aesthetics on the sole.

  • The Oversized Runner offers a similar take on design as the Oversized Sneaker, but with an upper defined by classic running silhouettes. There's even an Oversized Knit Sock Runner added to the mix that includes a knit upper underneath overlays and lacing. The Oversized Runner line features a combination of materials, including suede versions.

Alexander McQueen Shoes in Popular Culture.
  • The Cupsole Sneaker from McQueen takes a skate design and gives it a luxury build with ample leather and even metal for added support.

  • The Wedge Sole offers a unique perspective on the sneaker style from Alexander McQueen, with a heightened sole that has a fashion flair. This model can be found in a Sneaker, Runner or even a Triple Velcro version.

  • The first PUMA x Alexander McQueen collaboration launched in 2006. This Anatomical Vein design took inspiration from human anatomy, and it was specific McQueen anatomy that led to the My Left Foot sneaker silhouette, designed off McQueen's actual left foot.

  • The 2009 Ribcage Sport furthered the PUMA x McQueen relationship by taking the fashion materials and style found from McQueen and offering them in a more athletic design. The line continued to build and grew over the years with unique colorways and fabrics and even had models with color-shifting materials.

  • From Thunder Spectra and Tech Runner to Disc Blaze, Move and Run, the McQueen x Puma collaboration continues to produce new styles.

Alexander McQueen Shoes in Popular Culture

Alexander McQueen defined British fashion culture for decades. His provocative designs and personality pushed him to create in fresh ways. His tragic death in 2010 didn't end his fashion legacy, with Sarah Burton carrying on the McQueen label. Since then, the McQueen sneaker has been a staple of celebrity culture. The designs — most notably the Oversized Sneaker — have graced the famous feet of Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Vikander, Marion Cotillard, TK Kravitz, Katie Holmes and Odell Beckham, Jr.

Alexander McQueen Shoes_Collectibility and Value.

Alexander McQueen Key Collaborations

Puma's relationship with Alexander McQueen helped launch the fashion house's sneaker style and has remained a staple in the Puma lineup for more than a decade. While the McQueen side of the business hasn't been full of collaborations, the start with Puma helped the fashion house craft both Puma-specific creations and McQueen-exclusive designs.

Oversized Sneaker Alexander McQueen: FAQ

What materials are these sneakers made out of?

The oversized sneaker Alexander McQueen for men features a combination of premium materials. The upper is crafted from 100% calf leather to provide softness and durability. The sole is chunky and is made from tough rubber, offering both traction and better balance.

Can you describe the design of the Oversized Sneaker?

The design of these men's shoes is characterized by their oversized soles, which not only provides a unique visual aesthetic but also contributes to comfort. The sneaker often includes a contrasting heel counter and a minimalist upper, creating a balanced and eye-catching look.

Is there any technology incorporated into these sneakers?

While the Oversized Sneaker doesn't usually feature advanced technologies like performance sports shoes, it does prioritize comfort through its design and choice of materials. The focus is on creating a stylish yet wearable everyday shoe.

Are there different color options available for these sneakers?

Yes, the Oversized Sneaker is available in many colorways to cater to different tastes and styles. These color options primarily include different shades of white, black, gray, beige, and brown. However, some colorway options offer vibrant accents in colors such as red.

What makes the Oversized Sneaker a popular choice?

The Oversized Sneaker's popularity can be attributed to its unique design that manages to balance fashion-forward elements with everyday wearability. The combination of premium materials, attention to detail, and the brand's prestige all contribute to its desirability.

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