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AeroBed Inflatable Mattresses and Airbeds

AeroBed Inflatable Mattresses and Airbeds

Air mattresses are an option when traveling or having guests over for the night. They can be used in place of a bed and provide both support and comfort. They are also easy to set up and store, providing a convenient option for their owners.

What different types of AeroBeds are there?

AeroBeds come in several options. Sizing ranges from youth to queen, with several different comfort options.

  • Classic: This air mattress design features oval coil construction for back support and is approximately 9 inches high. It is available in twin and queen sizes.
  • Double High: This AeroBed option features three-layer construction for added comfort, as well as an oval coil design for support. This mattress is 18 inches high, making lying down and standing up out of bed easier. The Double High AeroBed model is available in twin and queen sizes.
  • Premier Collection: This air mattress has a few extra features to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. It features a pump control wand to adjust the firmness of the mattress, while the firmness-adjust button allows the user to make the mattress softer. Its patented pump fills the mattress to your preferred pressure, and the surface is antimicrobial, helping to eliminate odor and mildew buildup. The mattress is 16 inches high for added ease when entering and exiting the bed and is available in twin and queen sizes.
What is the weight limit on an AeroBed?

Weight limits vary and will depend on the size of the mattress.

  • Youth: 150 pounds for one person.
  • Twin: 300 pounds for one person.
  • Full: 450 pounds for two people.
  • Queen: 600 pounds for two people.

Exceeding these limits may result in bursting.

What is a Whoosh valve?

All models of AeroBed mattresses feature the patented Whoosh valve. This quick-release opening is the mechanism used to drain the bed of air. Unlike traditional releases, this release mechanism is capable of draining the bed in just moments.

How do you inflate an AeroBed?

AeroBed air mattresses are equipped with a twist-on or built-in pump that is used to inflate the bed. Some twist-on models begin working to fill the bed instantly without the touch of a button. Others may require the user to hold the pump’s lever in the depressed position until the air mattress has filled completely. Certain AeroBeds are equipped with the patented Perfect Pressure pump. This type of pump allows you to inflate the air mattress to your preferred pressure without continuously pushing a button or lever.

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