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ABB General Purpose Industrial AC Drives

A general-purpose industrial alternating current drive is used to control the motor speed and torque in an engine that uses alternating current as its source of power. They are also referred to as variable speed drives, and they are functional in a wide range of products, from small household appliances to commercial machines and large industrial compressors. Advancements in technology have allowed these AC drives to become smaller, more efficient, and more effective at delivering power when it is needed.

What are the types of general purpose ABB AC drives?
  • Low-voltage drives: ABB produces drives for the precision control of complicated machinery. Their drives can deliver voltages ranging anywhere from 0.55 kW or 230 volts to 630 kW or 630 volts.
  • Single drive: Single-drive AC drives by ABB are designed to deliver direct torque control to a motor. They feature energy monitoring, so you can see in real time the kW output of the AC unit. They can be mounted on the wall or in a cabinet with metal housing.
  • Multiple drives: The multiple drive AC systems have multiple controllers that are built into the same housing unit. They are designed to control different parts of the same piece of equipment. They reduce the risk of a short circuit and each drive can be controlled independently of each other.
What are the features of general purpose AC drives by ABB?
  • Built-in safety features: These AC systems have built-in safety features that help to keep sensitive equipment safe in the event of a power surge, brownout, or loss of electricity. There are also built-in safety features that reduce the risk of electrical shock, short-circuits, and arcing.
  • Intuitive control panel: The control panel in the AC units made by ABB are intuitive so that even new users can quickly figure out how to navigate through all of the menus and options. The products also come with a software tool that can be installed onto personal computers and an app for smartphones and tablets. The software for these systems works on all of the major operating systems.
  • Real-time energy efficiency information: The manufacturer has set these AC drives up with real-time energy efficiency monitoring. This allows you to keep track of the power range and electricity consumption of the equipment. You can use this information to increase the efficiency and speed of your manufacturing processes.
What control platforms are available for all-purpose industrial AC drives?

There are three control platforms available for the variable frequency drives. The powered equipment can use voltage to hertz scalar controls that increase the volts when the operating frequency of the machinery increases. The second type of control is the field-oriented control, which provides power based on a vector that combines magnetic resonance of the equipment and the motor's torque. The third type of controlling platform is direct torque, which delivers volts based on the torque needs of the equipment.