1080i CRT TVs

A Guide For Buying CRT 1080i TVs

A 1080i television set is a choice for you to utilize when finding a high-definition display. You may use your television set as a monitor for gaming use or as a standalone set for use in a bedroom or other space where a smaller television set can be installed in. There are multiple points to look into as you find a CRT television set. These include sets from many popular brands from around the world.

What Is 1080i?

The 1080i standard on an HD CRT television set refers to the screen having 1,080 lines of resolution while using an interlaced scan process. The display on the CRT HDTV is produced with the following steps in mind:

  1. The HD CRT set will identify the signal for the image.
  2. Odd pixel rows are lit up on the screen.
  3. Even pixel rows are lit after that.
  4. The television set will do this 30 times in a second.

The process works quickly enough to where you will not notice the frames switching on your screen. 

How Big Is Your Set?

A typical CRT TV with a 1080i resolution will be around 20 to 40 inches in size. The size is measured based on the distance from one corner of the screen to the opposite one. The screen is large enough to produce an HD image while being compact to where the set can fit into a smaller space in your home.

Other Features To Find

There are many additional things to look at when finding one of these television sets:

  • Ports. Review the ports on the back of your television set to see what input connections are included. An S-Video connection is often utilized, but an HDMI port may also be included.
  • DVD player. You might find a built-in DVD player inside your CRT set. Check on whether the player can handle Blu-ray or standard definition DVDs.
  • Upscaling. Your CRT set may also upscale old video, particularly video from a DVD, from an SDTV format to a 1080i HD layout.
  • Speakers. Your screen may come with built-in speakers. An output for an outside stereo system may be included on the back part of your monitor.
  • Screen layout. You can find a CRT HDTV with a traditional 4:3 resolution or a widescreen model with a 16:9 display.
  • Video game support. Your television set can support most major video game console models. You would have to affix the appropriate wires that came with your console to the back end of the set while switching to the correct tuner to start playing your game.

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